Max Verstappen backs Helmut Marko against possible suspension.

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Max Verstappen asserts that in order for him to remain at Red Bull, it is imperative for Marko to continue being a part of the Red Bull team.

Amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding Christian Horner’s alleged “Inappropriate Behavior,” there are speculations that Helmut Marko could face suspension over his involvement in the leaked chats related to the inappropriate behavior scandal.

Marko, employed as a motorsport advisor by the Austrian parent company Red Bull GmbH instead of the F1 team itself, was a trusted associate of Dietrich Mateschitz, the company’s co-founder who passed away in October 2022. He has played a key role in the company’s two-decade presence in the sport, particularly in managing its young driver program, with Verstappen being one of its standout successes.

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Marko was instrumental in overseeing Red Bull’s rise as a dominant force in Formula 1, with an impressive record of 7 driver championships and 6 constructor championships. Over the years, Red Bull has cultivated a talented pool of drivers, thanks to their renowned young driver academy. This academy has produced exceptional talents such as Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, and Carlos Sainz.

Marko played a pivotal role in shaping Max Verstappen’s career, guiding him from his early stages to eventually securing a seat at Red Bull. In fact, it was Helmut Marko who ensured that Verstappen, at just 17 years old, became the youngest ever driver in Formula 1 history by guaranteeing him a spot at Red Bull.

This explains why Max considers Marko as an essential figure in his Red Bull career and desires to have him by his side.

During an interview with Sky Sports F1 following his pole position qualification for the Saudi Arabian GP, Verstappen was questioned about the potential consequences of Marko’s departure. Verstappen responded by stating: “Helmut and I, we have a lot of respect for each other.”

He further added: “My loyalty in general to Red Bull, but also to him, after all for what he has done for me goes very far.”

When asked Marko regarding his suspension. Marko replied: “”I’ll put it this way, it’s difficult to judge, or let’s put it this way, ultimately, I’ll decide for myself what I do.” He added “The theoretical possibility always exists. I think it’s such a complex issue. Again, we want peace in the team. This world championship will be difficult enough with 24 races and we have to concentrate on that.”

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