Ferrari F1:- Fred Vasseur explains his plan for Ferrari.

Fred Vasseur, Ferrari F1

Fred Vasseur, the Ferrari F1 team boss, believes that Lewis Hamilton will bring a wide range of benefits to Ferrari, going beyond simply improving lap times.

Hamilton’s decision to leave Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025 has sparked excitement in the Formula 1 world.

Vasseur, in an interview, highlighted the importance of Hamilton’s vast experience in shaping the future of the team.

He emphasized that Hamilton’s influence goes beyond just lap times, but extends to the overall development of the car and team strategy.

With a young team like Ferrari, Vasseur believes that Hamilton’s presence will be invaluable in steering them towards success. Joining forces with Hamilton is not just about the upcoming seasons, but about building a long-term vision for the team.

By involving drivers early in the project and focusing on continuous improvement, Ferrari is on the right path – and Hamilton’s addition will only enhance their progress.

Fred Vasseur was pleased to discover that Ferrari managed to keep Hamilton’s signing a secret until the last minute, which was a positive development. In the past, Ferrari had struggled to prevent information from leaking outside the Maranello factory walls.

However, it was only on the morning of Hamilton’s announcement that the news finally reached the media. Vasseur emphasized that there were no leaks from Ferrari, and he even suspected that the stories circulating on the morning of the announcement originated from someone in the UK.

He expressed his appreciation for the fact that their small group had worked diligently for months without any information leakage, considering it a successful outcome. As the team principal, Vasseur has made it a priority to prevent the disclosure of confidential information.

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