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Kimi Antonelli, Mercedes

Kimi Antonelli to Mercedes, Is it possible?


Mercedes has not yet finalized a replacement for Lewis Hamilton. Toto Wolff has expressed his interest in Max Verstappen multiple ...

Fred Vasseur, Ferrari F1

Ferrari F1:- Fred Vasseur explains his plan for Ferrari.


Fred Vasseur, the Ferrari F1 team boss, believes that Lewis Hamilton will bring a wide range of benefits to Ferrari, ...

Kevin Magnussen race ban Miami Grand Prix

Will Kevin Magnussen face a race ban post Miami Grand Prix 2024?


Kevin Magnussen received three penalty points during The Miami Grand Prix for continuously going off the track and gaining an advantage ...

Adrian Newey max Verstappen

Max Verstappen opens up about Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull F1.


Adrian Newey, the Global Chief Technical Officer of Oracle Red Bull Racing, is undoubtedly the most accomplished designer in the ...

formula 1 net Zero Carbon

Net Zero Carbon:- Formula 1 makes more commitment to sustainability by 2030.


In its pursuit of the Net Zero Carbon 2030 target, Formula 1 has collaborated with its teams, race promoters, logistic ...

Formula 1 2025 schedule

Formula 1 2025 schedule revealed.


As a result, Australia, which was last set to hold the opening race in 2020 before the pandemic forced its ...

Chinese grand Prix 2024 Shanghai

The Chinese Grand Prix: Shanghai make amends to track, ahead of the upcoming Grand Prix


F1 will be making a return to Shanghai after a two-year absence, with the introduction of ground effect cars adding ...

Ted toleman

Ted Toleman, a legenday F1 team owner passes away.


Ted Toleman, the founder and owner of the Toleman Formula 1 team, passed away at the age of 86, as ...

Valtteri bottas

Valtteri Bottas Unhappy with the stratergy at The Japanese Grand Prix.


Valtteri Bottas commenced the Japanese Grand Prix from the 13th grid position and concluded the race in 14th place as ...

Michael andretti

Michael Andretti still pushing for a F1 entry.


Michael Andretti remains committed to its project despite the setback, as F1 has left the possibility open for a potential ...