Michael Andretti still pushing for a F1 entry.


Michael andretti

Michael Andretti remains committed to its project despite the setback, as F1 has left the possibility open for a potential grid arrival in 2028. As part of their investment, Andretti has recently opened a new facility at Silverstone.

In a statement, the team announced, “We have taken the next step in our preparations to enter the FIA Formula One World Championship by inaugurating a new facility at Silverstone Park, UK. Today, we had the privilege of opening this new British home for our wider Andretti family, alongside our existing Andretti Cadillac UK workforce of approximately 80 people.”

Andretti explained that this new building will work in conjunction with their other facilities worldwide. “It is an independent property with the ability to expand activities as the situation progresses. The versatile space will house manufacturing facilities, including pattern, model and machine shops, ADM, electronics, R&D, and additional office and meeting facilities. This new space will collaborate with our principal Andretti site in Indiana and our Formula E facility in Banbury, serving as a collaborative site for our global race teams.”

Michael andretti

The F1 project has been divided between operations in Silverstone, Indiana, and the GM Tech Center in North Carolina. Andretti’s preparations have been underway for some time, focusing on assembling key staff and critical activities such as aerodynamic design, mechanical design, and vehicle dynamics.

The new facility will be completed in phases based on commercial and sporting needs, as well as workforce requirements. With all current F1 teams having a base in Europe, Andretti recognizes the importance of establishing a presence across the Atlantic.

Michael Andretti has proceeded with their project despite F1’s decision regarding its entry for 2025-26. On Thursday, they organized an event to officially inaugurate their new UK satellite base at Silverstone, where approximately 120 employees are currently employed.

Although an entry before 2028 has been ruled out by F1, Michael Andretti insist they would be ready to compete in 2026 and “that’s what we’re pushing for right now”



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