Pierre Gasly buys stake in FC Versailles.


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Pierre Gasly earlier drove for Alpha tauri before joining Alpine F1 team.

Alpine F1 driver Pierre Gasly has recently acquired a stake in French football club FC Versailles. Gasly, who emerged victorious in the 2020 Italian Grand Prix, now stands as one of the three shareholders of FC Versailles.

The club, currently competing in the French third tier, Championnat National, also counts Alexandre Mulliez, the club president, and Fabien Lazare as co-owners.

Gasly expressed his excitement about this new venture, stating his long-standing desire to be involved in professional football. He emphasized the shared values, ambition, and competitive spirit that he, Alexandre, and Fabien possess, which will undoubtedly contribute to the positive growth of the club.

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Mulliez echoed Gasly’s sentiments, highlighting the valuable addition that Gasly brings to the team. With Gasly’s passion for F1 and the collective vision of the shareholders, FC Versailles is poised for success. The club, based in Versailles, is renowned for nurturing talents like Thierry Henry in the 1990s, who is widely acclaimed as the greatest player in the history of the English Premier League.

In a statement to the media, Gasly said: “I am delighted to get involved with FC Versailles because I have always wanted to get involved in professional football.

Alpine has undergone significant management changes in their technical staff due to a series of resignations. Gasly expressed his readiness for the upcoming opportunity at the Australian Grand Prix this weekend. Despite a challenging start to the season, he acknowledged the team’s hunger and motivation to improve.

Gasly also mentioned his recent visit to Enstone, where he discussed ways to enhance performance with the team. The focus remains on continuous improvement as they head into the Australian Grand Prix.

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