What make the new Red Bull f1 car rb20 so quick.


Red Bull f1 car RB20

During the Red Bull f1 car RB20  reveal event, Red Bull sparked a significant controversy with their innovative design language. The vehicle exhibited a striking departure from its predecessors, appearing more like an advancement rather than a mere enhancement. This bold new approach left fans apprehensive about its potential success. However, during the uneventful Grand Prix, Red Bull emerged victorious with a substantial lead, putting any doubts to rest.

The new RP20 has demonstrated its worthiness as a successor to RBI 19. It has surpassed its competition by a significant margin and achieved an impressive 1st and 2nd place finish in the race. While it is premature to declare RB20 as the absolute best on the grid, as it still needs to prove itself on different track layouts and conditions, there is a strong indication that Adrian Newey and his team have made remarkable improvements with the new car. The incorporation of radical changes to the car, coupled with its impressive performance from the start, is truly commendable.

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So what exactly makes red Bull and the new car are RB20, so dominant in the new ground effect era ?

David Croft in an Sky Sports podcast said. “balance was really a keyword in Adrian Newey’s Concept for 2022. Obviously it’s tempting when new regulations come in and you are designing an F1 car and you are chasing performance, you want it to be the fastest car, but Adrian understood ground effect and the consequences of it in terms of proposing. If you chase performance too much you are proposing so he designed a car that was fast but was balanced well. And didn’t suffer a lot of what the other team was suffering. And we’re seeing the knock on effect of that. Because other teams have cured their problem of 2022.”

“When you’re finding the solution, you’re not enhancing the performance. There is only so much you can do during the course of day back at the base. To put things right and find performance. That one thing has to suffer in the hands of the other, So Red Bull has not had to find solution to problem, they are just finding new answer to the performance and that’s what we are seeing in terms of 2022 and 2023 and 2024.”

While other teams were implementing their resourses to fixing their issues Red Bull had more time to enhance their concept.

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