Lando Norris not happy with F1 McLaren’s performance

Lando norris f1 mclaren

With a spectacular recovery in the 2023 season, McLaren looked as a viable competitor to Red Bull. But are they?

With a total of 28 points, McLaren’s 3rd position ranking above Mercedes is quite impressive. The new MCL38 has certainly nailed a lot of engineering aspects.

However, Lando Norris is expects more performance from the car.

He mentioned, “I believe we have made significant progress in various areas, typical development steps that every team takes. However, in terms of the unique characteristics that define a McLaren car, we haven’t quite reached the level I was hoping for during the winter.

lando norris f1 mclaren
Image:- Glenn Dunbar / Motorsport Images

He also stated that this sentiment is shared among the team, and we are actively working on making further advancements. We arrived at the Bahrain test with a plethora of ideas to address our weaknesses, but we are still exploring the best path forward. There is still a lot of work to be done in order to enhance these areas, not only to make me happier driving the car but also to extract more performance, improve consistency, and overall speed.

He further added “Improving in these areas would be a significant win for us, but it’s proving to be quite challenging. Am I completely satisfied with our progress? No. However, I am content with the overall progress we have made during the winter.”

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