David Croft to skip 3 races, Harry Benjamin to replace him.


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In 2024, Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft will be absent from three races, marking the first time he will not be present at a grand prix since joining the UK broadcaster.

According to The Independent, Croft has made the decision to take a slight step back. Harry Benjamin, who has experience commentating on FIA Formula 3 and F1 juniors, will be stepping in as his replacement.

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David Croft has been a constant presence on Sky since becoming the lead commentator in 2012. The 53-year-old will miss the races in Imola, Austria, and Azerbaijan as he prioritizes his family and prepares for his upcoming wedding.

David Croft explained to The Independent that he wants to stay fresh for the entire season and give some time back to his loved ones. He also expressed his desire to watch a race from the comfort of his home and gain a different perspective as a viewer.

Given the rest of the Sky Sports F1 team’s tendency to rotate, it is not too surprising that Croft has made the decision to miss a few races. Co-commentator Martin Brundle, for instance, is contracted to be present at only 18 races, resulting in his absence for six weekends in 2024.

The F1 calendar, which continues to grow and now stands at a record-breaking 24 races, is placing additional strain on personnel as they spend even more time away from home. Croft acknowledges that the triple headers can be exhausting, leaving one feeling quite drained by the end of it.

He specifically mentions the challenging time-shift from Vegas to Qatar, expressing a desire for Vegas to adjust its times. The significant shift in time-zones, spanning 12 hours, is already pushing the limits of what can be managed on this planet. Croft also reflects on the exhausting experience of Abu Dhabi last year and suggests that it is an aspect that could be addressed.

However, he acknowledges that the upcoming 24-race season will be uncharted territory and will require a tremendous effort from everyone involved. The adrenaline of a closely contested season on the track can help carry individuals along, but if the championship is wrapped up early, it may feel like just another race.

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