Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull:- Should Red Bull sack Daniel Ricciardo?


daniel ricciardo red bull

Daniel Ricciardo, following a challenging two-year stint at McLaren where he was overshadowed by Lando Norris, sought a new beginning upon rejoining Red Bull.

Ricciardo, who was once seen as a potential contender for the World Driver Championship, aimed to reclaim his seat at Red Bull Racing, which he departed from in 2018. He also had his sights set on challenging Max Verstappen for the driver championship.

It is highly improbable that Daniel Ricciardo will be able to secure his Red Bull racing seat, especially with the recent performance issues he has been facing.

With Sergio Perez’s contract expiring this year and Red Bull not yet decided on his extension, Yuki Tsunoda too has an eye on the dominant Red Bull seat. Tsunoda has consistently outperformed Ricciardo in the first four races of the season and has even secured a point finish at Suzuka, his home Grand Prix.

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Following Nick Debris’ abysmal performance in 2023, Red Bull management made the decision to sack him after just 10 races into the season, leading to Ricciardo taking over the car. With 12 races left, Ricciardo had the opportunity to prove himself, but unfortunately Daniel Ricciardo had a crash during a practice session at The Netherland Grand Prix leading to a hand injury.

Liam Lawson took over the seat as Daniel recovered. Finishing in 13th place, Lawson outperformed his teammate Yuki Tsunoda in his debut F1 race, despite having only one practice session.

Liam Lawson raced for 5 races with a sold performance at Singapore securing two point by finishing 9th.

Mexico was by-far the highlight of Ricciardo’s 2023 season. Qualifying in 4th position, he defied expectations and crossed the finish line in 7th place, earning an impressive 6 points. It is worth noting that he achieved this remarkable feat with a car that is usually behind the at the grid.

As a testament to his exceptional performance, Ricciardo was even voted as the Driver of the day.

Fast forward to the 2024 season, Yuki Tsunoda has outperformed Ricciardo In each and every race, Daniel has failed to achieve a single point. The current situation does not bode well for Daniel. F1, being a highly competitive environment, does not tolerate complacency. Despite being given numerous opportunities, Daniel has yet to demonstrate consistent performance.

Liam Lawson, a promising young talent with much to prove, should be given Ricciardo’s seat. It is regrettable, but RB HONDA RBPT must part ways with Daniel Ricciardo.

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