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Max Verstappen opens up about Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull F1.

Adrian Newey max Verstappen

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Adrian Newey, the Global Chief Technical Officer of Oracle Red Bull Racing, is undoubtedly the most accomplished designer in the history of Formula 1. With an impressive record of 11 Formula 1 Constructors’ Titles, he has played a pivotal role in the success of numerous legendary racers, leading them to triumph in the Drivers’ Championship.

Red Bull made an announcement on Wednesday regarding the departure of the renowned designer after 19 years with the team in April 2025. Speculation is rife that he might accept an offer to join Ferrari.

Confirmation of Newey’s departure follows a period of instability at Red Bull, during which the future of three-time reigning world champion Verstappen has been called into question.

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Verstappen expressed his sentiments, stating, “I would have preferred, of course, for Adrian to stay.” He further added, “But ultimately, as I also mentioned to Adrian, one must prioritize what is best for oneself. Formula 1 can be quite competitive, and it is crucial to make decisions that benefit you and your loved ones.”

He concluded by saying, “Therefore, I do not hold it against him. If someone wishes to move on to pursue other aspirations or aspects of life, that is completely acceptable.”

Despite Newey not having disclosed his future plans, the F1 community is buzzing with speculation about newey’s potential move to Ferrari.

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